About WestchesterPCrepair.com - A Westchested Based On-site Computer Repair and Support Service Provider

Our Story

In response to a service demand within our local community, we initiated our computer repair and related services in the year 1999. Our team of technicians primarily operates within the Westchester area, and we take great pride in catering to the needs of this region.

Our primary objective is to aassist our clients in maintaining their online presence and ensuring a secure connection. Alongside computer repair services, we also specialize in the installation of security cameras and conducting network vulnerability assessments. Our clients engage our services to address vulnerabilities in outdated hardware and proactively replace problematic components before they result in data breaches or system failures. Occasionally, clients approach us for assistance in recovering from hacking incidents, seeking guidance on how to safely restore their online presence. In certain cases, we are able to trace the origin of the breach.

We are driven by values

Call us for virus removal services and receive the added benefit of optional education. Our priority is to ensure our customers are safeguarded both online and in the physical world. Our comprehensive services cater to home computer maintenance and basic home security systems. We recommend keeping your devices and network equipment up-to-date, similar to the regular maintenance required for your vehicle. Our services extend to both residential and commercial settings.