We install, fix and upgrade security cameras and CCTV systems.

For most needs, we recommend a 3 or 5 camera wireless system. For those with higher security in mind, we recommend a wired installation with battery backup systems. We’ve installed dozens of systems in Westchester, from older RCA cable CCTV systems to modern wireless and wired cameras (including many with PTZ). Our technicians are also experienced in working on existing systems to fix camera outages and other problems that can arise.

If you’re in our service area, we would like to extend an offer for a free security camera evaluation so we can show you in person how we can best match your needs. These visits aren’t required for wireless systems, but are recommended.

Our most popular systems can be purchased as a bundle in our store, which include parts and labor. These systems come with everything including installation, and mobile phone app’s with monitoring, motion detection, night vision and more.

Although we can install most cameras same day, we prefer to take more than 1 day to complete the job. It’s important to cover your home or business properly, and to understand any limitations (such as power outages) and how they might interfere with your system. There are ways to nearly eliminate outages and we would be happy to explain how we can help you keep your system online through most power and cable outages.

We’ll add more soon, if you need assistance or want a system installed please use the Shop page or contact us.