When your network goes down, depending on the nature of your business, every second could count. We use to latest hardware to prevent downtime and block detectable network intrusions. If your network already went down, and you’re unable to get online or access network files, we can assist you. We’ve been helping keep Westchester businesses and homes online for decades, and look forward to the chance to assist you with your network support needs in Westchester or nearby.

With experience on small and large networks, our technicians will have you back online again quickly. We are able to diagnose individual network components and determine the source of your network problems while fixing them and explaining it to you clearly. Most problems we run into are software or configuration related, but we are also accustomed to upgrading and replacing broken or outdated network hardware.

In areas where the power may go out frequently, we can offer you ways to stay online (at least a couple hours) in power outages as well. For any network needs, please contact us.