White Plains Data Recovery

We are one of the few providers giving affordable access to quality White Plains Data Recovery that perform the recovery ourselves without sending it our to a third-party. If your computer, server or external hard-drive is no longer functioning, don’t panic. With a 90% success rate, you only pay us if we recover files important to you. About 9/10 jobs we get, we are able to recover all or nearly all the files. We have a short list of questions that helps us determine our chances before we accept the job. If we do accept the job, and for any reason cannot get back your files, you won’t owe us any money.

Data Recovery Rates

We charge $199 for a successful data recovery of personal data. To be more specific, once we recover your data, we will provide you with screenshots and descriptions of the data (example: We recovered 5000 photos, 200 documents…). At that point you’ll have the choice to decide if you want to proceed to pay for the recovery of those files or not. Occasionally somebody only wants one specific file, and if that happens, let us know. More often than not, people want back everything we can get. Luckily for you, we are typically able to recover all your important photos, documents, music, videos and other important files within approximately 48 hours.


We ask that you fill out our Data Recovery Request form and one of our technicians will get back to you shortly to ask some brief questions about your computer or hard drive and begin to assist you with recovering your files.

Limited Time Holiday Offer

Until 1/1/2024, we are offering White Plains customers a $50 discount on data recovery. This means for a personal computer, we will recover your data for just $149. Call today and mention this rate to take advantage of the savings. Please keep in mind it takes on average 48 hours to recover data.

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